The Caddies Story so far...

In December 2011 the employees at Assist Hygiene, a UK based wipes manufacturer, were heading out to play a wet, windy and rather muddy round of golf in North Wales. Anticipating the likelihood of countless ‘mud-balls’ and dirt ridden clubs they packed some wipes in the bag.

Once finding the green and marking their balls, the wipes were ideal to remove the grime picked up during the hole. Any dirt that a dry towel couldn’t budge was easily swept off the clubface using a wipe. There were ball cleaners dotted around the course, but the wipes were just there and so easy to use; they were onto something.

In early 2012 it was business as usual for the company, supplying the industrial sector with hygiene wipes and other consumables. Meanwhile, a new and innovative product was being born; Caddies Pro Golf Wipes.

Having manufactured hundreds of different product lines over the years Assist Hygiene and the new Caddies team set out to create a product that was specific to the demands of an everyday golf enthusiast and professional alike. Different fabrics were tested to see which performed best out on the course, whilst a unique fluid was tailored to remove the toughest of debris without having any detrimental effect on equipment and remained safe enough to use on skin. The team also held in mind the importance of the Caddies product, not just players at the golf club, but golf clubs as a whole.

Trying to cover the whole spectrum with one product was just not feasible. The SoftGrip 36 wipes product was designed for use out on the course during a round, whilst the ScrubTech 72 covered kit maintenance off the course and the golf club itself.

Why Caddies? Simple. Just like a caddy keeps your kit in check out on the course and can give you a competitive advantage, Caddies Pro Golf Wipes do the same.

If you want to learn more about the products, simply navigate through the site or contact the Caddies team for more details.

If you would like to become part of Team Caddies or have an interest in the products, simply contact us and we will be happy to hear from you.

When producing the Caddies products we found a balance between usability, efficiency and limited environmental impact. Where possible we used materials from natural resources and materials that can be easily recycled. It is imperative to dispose of wipes sensibly as not to harm the course, the surrounding area and any local wildlife.

  1. - Recycle packaging and wipes
  2. - Use ScrubTech 72 Wipes refill pouch to save on packaging
  3. - Keep your course tidy; Always dispose of wipes sensibly

What can I use Caddies Products for?

The Caddies range has been specifically designed for use on golf equipment. You are able to clean clubs, grips, gloves, balls, bags, shoes, flag sticks, carts... Literally anything when it comes to your golf kit.

Are Caddies Wipes safe to use on hands?

Yes, absolutely. The Caddies products have been formulated to be tough on grime, but remain completely hand safe. So, next time you're out on the course and need to freshen up; reach for Caddies.

How can Caddies help my golf club?

Caddies are not only great out on the course, but at the golf club too. They can be used by clubhouse staff in the changing facilities, the kitchen and bar area and for other general cleaning. For the greenkeeper they are an excellent addition to his tool kit. Course signage, flag sticks and maintenance equipment can all be kept good as new with Caddies products.

Caddies are a superb retail item for your club shop. Not only do they generate revenue for the club, but the products actively encourage the golfers playing your course to keep the facilities clean and tidy.

Are Caddies wipes recyclable?

Yes, the Caddies team has ensured that all our wipes products and packaging are recyclable. Please recycle in accordance with your local authority.

Where can I buy Caddies products?

Caddies products are currently availble on ebay and at selected golf clubs across the UK.

How do I get Caddies products at my club?

We are always looking for new outlets for the Caddies products. Simply fill in this form and you can begin stocking Caddies at your course straight away.

I'm a professional golfer... Can Caddies Pro Golf Products sponsor me?

If you're a pro golfer and a fan of Caddies it would be great to hear from you. The Caddies name is become increasingly more well known and we would be keen to work together with enthusiastic players to benefit them and the Caddies products.

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