1. - 72 Extra Large Wipes
  2. - Powerful, skin safe formula
  3. - Super strong and extremely lightweight nonwoven fabric
  4. - Deep clean your clubs and equipment
  5. - Excellent for shoes, golf bags and other materials
  6. - For players, caddies and greenkeepers

Whether you are a perfectionist who always keeps your clubs in top condition or prefer to play first and scrub your clubs later, Caddies ScrubTECH 72 will leave your grooves gleaming and in mint condition. Give them a go and see what a difference Caddies Wipes can make to your equipment... and your game.

  1. - 36 Large Wipes
  2. - Powerful, skin safe formula
  3. - Revolutionary fabric structure, which locks in dirt
  4. - Clean club heads, balls, grips and gloves whilst out on the course
  5. - Slips neatly into the pocket of your bag
  6. - For players who want the best out of their equipment

With its breakthrough fabric structure, SoftGRIP technology takes on-course kit maintenance to a new level. One swipe over your sand wedge after a tough bunker shot and your grooves will be grain free. With Caddies SoftGRIP 36, dirt retention is the key to its unrivalled efficiency.

  1. - 10 Disposable Groove Picks to get the best from your clubs
  2. - Durable plastic; can be used throughout your round
  3. - Prism design gives 3 precision cleaning edges
  4. - Remove ground in dirt from grooves, cavities and speed pockets
  5. - Clean numbers and other club head engravings
  6. - No longer use your nail or a blunt tee to clean grooves

Caddies Groove Picks have been designed with the meticulous golfer in mind. Perfect for those who want to get the best from their clubs through a round, no matter what dirt gets picked up during play. A great alternative to expensive groove sharpeners or dirt under your nails!

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