When developing the Caddies products, our team hit the course to put a whole host of different fabrics to the test. We came up with two fabrics that could not be more different, but at the same time, cover the whole array of cleaning required for all of your kit.

The ScrubTech material was chosen for its durability, strength and great value. It is a material designed to be used on everything from club heads to golf carts and everything in between.

The material used for the SoftGrip product is a premium fabric selected for its soft, pliable structure. When out on the course and quick precision cleaning is required there really is no alternative.

  1. - Millions of fibres are thermally bonded in layers
  2. - Superb cross directional strength for intense cleaning
  3. - Fluid sits on surface, giving maximum cleaning efficiency
  4. - Scrub hard without fabric tearing
  5. - Micro-perforated for multi-wipe use
  1. - Millions of hydroentagled cellulose fibres
  2. - Micro-pockets trap in and hold on to debris
  3. - Fabric retains fluid so the wipe can be used multiple times
  4. - Pliable structure cleans in all the difficult spots
  5. - Soft feel on hands

You would usually want to avoid anything wet when it comes to the golf course, but with Caddies it's all about having the perfect amount of fluid for the job in hand.

Caddies wipes are Impregnated with an unrivalled, dual component cleaning formulation. Comprising of a powerful, naturally derived surfactant and just the right amount of aggressive cleaning agent, dirt and grime to simply break apart.

Once broken down the dirt is easily lifted from the surface and contained within the wipe.

  1. - Simple, yet powerful 95% water solution
  2. - Caddies formula designed to cut through dirt and grime
  3. - Skin safe with added Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
  4. - Slow evaporating so wipes stay moist for longer
  5. - Tried and tested for 20 years

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